Benefits Of Ozone Sauna Therapy

I’m a big believer in alternative cancer therapies. I love sweating in an infrared sauna, and using my ozone generator weekly. Put the two together, and you’ve got a fantastic way to improve health, eliminate toxins, and reduce stress. Let’s talk more about ozone sauna therapy, an amazing complementary oxidative therapy.

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What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a gas that is able to enter the bloodstream, exerting a cascade of amazing effects.   Also referred to as “activated oxygen,”  ozone saturates the cells and tissues with oxygen. It also decreases free radicals by stealing an electron. When this happens, the body can better excrete free radicals, which are damaging to healthy tissues. This is important because free radicals inhibit immune function, and damage both DNA and cellular membranes.

Unlike traditional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, ozone is not harmful to healthy cells. This is because healthy cells contain antioxidants. When ozone enters the bloodstream, these normal cells are stimulated to produce even more protective antioxidants.

We live in an era of antibiotic resistance as bacteria have learned how to evade antibiotics. This is where the power of ozone comes in because bacteria, parasites, and other harmful organisms cannot evade it. This is why ozone is used in water purification systems.

Thousands of physicians are using ozone in their practices worldwide to treat a myriad of conditions. I use it a couple times a week preventatively, and to maintain health. I love that I can use it whenever I want in the privacy of my own home. Ozone is not an overnight remedy, but needs to be used consistently for its cumulative effects.

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What Are The Benefits Of Ozone?

The benefits of ozone are numerous.  It’s finally catching on here in the states, but has been used extensively in Europe for decades. Ozone increases immune function by stimulating the production of white blood cells. These are the body’s defense soldiers, protecting it from harmful and pathogenic micro-organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, and cancer.

All the cells of the body need oxygen to function optimally, and ozone oxygenates the cells of the body by increasing the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen in the bloodstream. Ozone also increases 2,3-DPG, which alters the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen.

When oxygen levels are below par, cells don’t eliminate invaders and other harmful substances, as they otherwise would.  Ozone is protective against cancer due to these elevated oxygen levels, and is also anti-neoplastic, meaning it inhibits the growth of rapidly dividing cells, including cancer cells.

Viruses And Ozone

Viruses are notoriously difficult to eradicate, but ozone has been shown to effectively fight viruses. Ozone also eliminates bacteria at low concentrations, and is effective against all types of fungi, including mold, yeast, and candida. It’s also great for the cardiovascular system, as it oxidizes arterial plaque and clears blood vessel blockages, increasing circulation and oxygenation.

Another significant way ozone treats cancer is by stimulating the production of TNF, or tumor necrosis factor, which has an anti-tumor effect in the body. Ozone boosts immunity by stimulating the production of T-helper cells and Interleukin-2, vital immune system molecules. Lymphocyte production is also ramped up by ozone, leading to even more immune system messengers.

What Are The Benefits of  Ozone Sauna Therapy

Saunas are one of the best ways to detoxify, which in today’s world, is really no longer optional. Toxins interfere with many processes in the body, leading to fatigue, weight-loss resistance, IBS-related symptoms, chemical sensitivities, skin conditions, and pain.

Hyperthermia, or sauna therapy, increases circulation, eliminates viruses and bacteria, cleanses and purifies the skin, promotes relaxation, boosts human growth hormone, increases collagen, and soothes sore muscles. How’s that for a line up of benefits?!

Promolife healthy lifestyle bannerYou many not know this, but you can burn as many as 600 calories in a typical sauna session. This passive exercise and calorie burning, along with a boost in metabolism, is a great way to lose a few pounds.

Sauna therapy, paired with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, is a winning formula. Our environment, along with our food and water supply, are getting increasingly more toxic. To counteract this onslaught of toxicity, it’s imperative to implement strategies that can eliminate havoc-wreaking toxins from the body.

Toxins are stored in fat cells, and are released through sweating. Bodies function much better when they are not burdened by heavy metals, GMOS, pesticides, and drug residues.

Ozone Sauna Benefits

Combining the effects of ozone with sauna is a fantastic way to reap the benefits of two therapeutic healing therapies at once. With ozone/sauna therapy, ozone is delivered into a special cabinet where the gas is absorbed transdermally via the skin.

This is the perfect way to receive the benefits of ozone, along with the detoxification effects of sauna therapy. Ozone, when used in conjunction with a sauna delivers a plethora of healing benefits to the cells and tissues of the body. Below are just a few of the many positive effects you’ll enjoy by utilizing both therapies simultaneously.

1. Increases nutrient and oxygen delivery to the cells and tissues of the body

2. Boosts circulation and immunity by stimulating white blood cell production

3. Increases detoxification

4. Increases the production of Interleukin-2. 2,3-DPG, TNF, and Gamma interferon, which is anti-cancer

5. Improves the function of red blood cells

6. Purifies the skin and promotes healing

7. Relieves aches and pains

8. Improves metabolism

9. Speeds recovery time and decreases lactic acid

10. Destroys pathogenic micro-organisms

11. Prevents tumors and purifies the blood

12. Prevents degenerative diseases

13. Improves vitamin and mineral uptake and absorption

14. Balances pH

15. Prevents premature aging

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Ozone Sauna Therapy Is Good For These Conditions

While ozone/sauna combination therapy is used alternatively for cancer, it’s also used for a host of other conditions as well, including:

Best Ozone Generators And Saunas

I bought my ozone generator from Promolife. After much research, I decided to purchase from  this company, and I could not be happier with my decision. The generator is simple to use, and has improved my health in many ways.  This is the generator I’ve been using for years.

03Elite ozone generator

Here are two impressive ozone saunas you can purchase from Promolife.

1. Ozone Ready Far Infrared Sauna Dome:

This sauna dome combines far infrared heat with ozone. It’s a great choice for those who like to lay down. It’s ideal for home or spa use, includes a waterproof body mat, and heats up to 100-160 degrees. It only takes 5-10 minutes to heat up, and has wheels for portability.

The dimensions of the shell are 72″ long, 18″ high, and 25″ wide, and it weighs 50 pounds. When nested, the dimensions are 1.5′ x 2.5′ x 3′, making it space-friendly. The dome is easy to clean, and includes a timer for both the upper and lower sections. Choose between continuous time or auto shut-off options. A three-year warranty is included with purchase.

2. Steam Sauna Pro with Built-In Generator

I love the Steam Sauna Pro. It’s easy to get into, and it comes with a built-in ozone generator, which could not be more awesome. Saturate your body with oxygen, and detoxify at the same time. All components are ozone compatible, and you can use steam only if you’d like. No electrical or plumbing work is required. All you need to do is pour seven liters of water into the reservoir under the seat, and turn it on. The handy drain allows for convenient water removal.

The sauna comes with 10 temperature settings and a 60-minute timer. It weighs 75 pounds, and the dimensions are 47″ high, 37″ long, and 27″ wide. The seat is adjustable with four different heights, and the sauna heats up to a temperature of 131 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Since the generator itself is built-in, the unit takes up much less space than it would otherwise. This ozone sauna is designed for home owners, or for use in spas and clinics, where it will quickly pay for itself.

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Key Points

Combination therapy with ozone and sauna will dramatically improve your health and vitality, increase metabolism, and destroy pathogenic organisms implicated in the development of cancer.

It does all this without harming normal cells and tissues. Ozone is anti-neoplastic and anti-tumor, while sauna therapy promotes detoxification.

Optimal immune function is essential for fighting cancer, and this exceptional combination therapy boosts immunity by increasing the production of white blood cells, Interleukin-2, and lymphocytes. It’s an outstanding tool to have on your cancer-fighting or health-maintenance team.

Have you heard of ozone/sauna therapy? Let me know in the comments:)


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Disclaimer: This article is strictly for informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice.

18 thoughts on “Benefits Of Ozone Sauna Therapy”

  1. It is a welcome medical fit in the management of cancers, but this ozone sauna therapy should be subjected to clinical trial to prove its efficacy and adverse effects. Ozone as an antioxidant  no doubt will detoxify the body and protect cells from poisonous attack but the questions is, what is the dose of ozone that is safe? The therapeutic index must be established before it can be employed because the dose for its destructive effect on malignant cells will also be detrimental to the normal cells like other cytotoxic agents. 

  2. Hi! Thank you for reviewing this great alternative. I also believe we must not be so dependent on traditional medical procedures and be more open to alternatives. There are obviously many occasions when the only way is traditional cancer treatments. But if there is room for an alternative, I believe we should also explore it.

    I’m impressed with the benefits of ozone. I have also read it helps in stimulating the production of TNF.

    Summing up, I believe the hugest benefits of Ozone Sauna Therapy are that it increases detoxification and it purifies the blood.

    • Yes, ozone is a great alternative therapy. It’s up to each person to decide which treatment route they will go: conventional, holistic, or a combination of the two. 

      You are correct, ozone does stimulate TNF production. It’s just one of its many benefits, along with purification of the blood and detoxification. 

  3. Indeed, we learn everyday and I have just learned new things about ozone in your article. You said ozone is used to treat cancer. Is it good for every type of cancer? 

     If so, why has it not been in used in many countries? Secondly, can ozone eradicate HIV virus and hepatitis B in the body?

    • Yes, ozone is used as an alternative cancer treatment. It’s applicable for many types of cancer, as well as numerous other conditions. It’s now being used in the US, but not as extensively as other countries, such as Europe and Africa. It is used for HIV and hepatitis B. 

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Thanks for sharing your insights on ozone sauna therapy for cancer. This is actually a powerful treatment for so many diseases and also cancer, not only does it help to kill cancer cells, but systematically helps the body heal from diseases. I have always wondered if ozone sauna therapy has any side effects? 

    • You are welcome. Ozone and sauna therapies are both powerful for disease management and treatment. Together they are absolutely amazing. It is possible to have a Herxheimer reaction when using these therapies as they are killing harmful organisms. As long as you start slow, and gradually build up, you should be fine. 

  5. I have heard of saunas, but it has never occurred to me that they could be this important. Ozone saunas are new to me, but I agree this protocol should be prescribed by doctors as a way of managing cancer, and preventing it in people who are high risk. So my question is: “Why are more doctors not using sauna therapy to inhibit the growth of cancer? 

    • Hi Charles,

      Far infrared saunas and ozone are fairly new in the US, although they’ve been used for decades in other parts of the world. More doctors are increasingly catching on to the benefits of these alternative therapies. I wish they would incorporated holistic protocols more, especially in the treatment of cancer.

  6. Good evening,

    I certainly will always opt for natural remedies. I do not believe in Big Pharma and the FDA. Between the two they have caused a lot of suffering. I live in the south of Spain and we have been talking often about how nice it would be to have a sauna. As we will hopefully build a new house it is planned to have one. I would then certainly apply the Ozone Therapy.

    At the moment we are halfway through our Hydrogen Peroxide 35% food grade, with distilled water, protocol. So at least we are putting oxygen into our cells. Luckily we both are in good health and hope to reach 90 years just like that. 

    It is so important to inform people about alternative methods to battle cancer. One does have to change one’s lifestyle and diet to really remain healthy. Living the “modern” way is contrary to health. Thank you for this good post.

    Regards, Taetske

    • Yep, natural remedies are awesome, and saunas are wonderful. I have one in my house and just love it. I hope you can build one in your new house. Sounds like you are healthy, and are engaging in protocols to augment your health. Good for you!

      I agree, it is essential to inform the public about alternative protocols to treat cancer. These therapies work if someone is willing to change their toxic lifestyle to a healthier one. “Modern living is contrary to health” – I love it! Thanks for commenting!

  7. Wow! When we hear the word Ozone, we think of the atmosphere. And you are right about living in an era of antibiotic resistance. You appear to be very knowledgeable about ozone. I’m all for alternative medicine. The benefits you describe of using Ozone is amazing. 

    I do hope we hear more about Ozone Sauna Therapy. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks!

    • It’s true, most people associate ozone with the atmosphere, and rightly so. You know that sweet scent in the air that you smell right after a storm? That’s ozone. Who knew it would be used as an alternative for treating cancer and other degenerative diseases. Thanks for reading!

  8. This is a great post on a topic that I believe needs a lot more discussion. Alternative therapies! 

    I have always known about the many benefits of saunas as I grew up in a small city in northern Ontario that has the highest Finnish population outside of Finland. There, saunas were always very popular and never hard to find.

    I did not consider ozone therapy, however, and how it could be used in conjunction with a sauna for a combination benefit. You mentioned that it is great as a preventative therapy for cancer, as well as other conditions and I would love to try it.

    I know a few people who suffer from chronic pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia. Do you think this therapy would help with pain relief, and if so, how often would you suggest someone with this condition use ozone sauna therapy?

    • Hi Michelle,

      I didn’t know that Ontario has the highest Finnish population outside of Finland. I have a nephew who lived in Finland for a few years, and I remember him talking about their saunas. 

      Yes, ozone is used preventatively, as well as for treating a number of other conditions. Many people use it for fatigue, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia. I would start by using an ozone sauna a couple times a week for a few minutes, then gradually increase the frequency and duration. 

      I appreciate your comment!

  9. Hello Holly, great article. I have heard of the term Ozone before, but didn’t know the meaning and how beneficial it is to health, and that it can even prevent cancer. I was thinking about going to a sauna just for relaxation, but now since it has all of these health benefits, and can help with current health conditions, I may want to purchase one of the ozone machines soon. 

    Thanks again!

    • Thank you. Both sauna and ozone therapy are great for a myriad of health conditions. I’m so glad I invested in sauna and ozone equipment. Check out the ones I talked about in my post. Good luck to you!


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