The Health Benefits Of Ozone Therapy [For Chronic Disease]

Ozone is a gas that increases the amount of oxygen in the body, and is increasing in popularity, especially in the alternative health world. Ozone exerts its therapeutic effect through the mechanism of oxidative stress. Read about the health benefits of ozone therapy for cancer, Lyme disease, autoimmunity, and AIDs.

The Health Benefits Of Ozone Therapy - Lake After Rain

But let’s not confuse oxidative therapies with oxygenation therapies, such as, EWOT (exercising with oxygen therapy), aerobic exercise, and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Though they are similar, the mechanisms in which these therapies operate are different. Click on this link to learn more about EWOT.

Oxidation therapies, such as ozone, directly improve oxygen utilization by increasing the NAD/NADH ratio. Other oxidation therapies would include interval training, high-dose oral and IV vitamin C therapy, IV hydrogen peroxide, ultraviolet blood irradiation therapies, and EDTA chelation therapy. Oxidative and oxygenation therapies are often used together.

O2, or oxygen, is more stable than ozone, which converts back into oxygen within minutes of being made by a generator. Once in the body, ozone is converted into stable ozonides, or peroxide molecules. These molecules exert their amazing effects on cells and organs for weeks. These ozonides increase the production of nitric oxide which is essential for a healthy circulatory system and sexual function. O3 clears blockages of blood vessels by oxidizing arterial plaque. And that’s just for starters. It does so much more!

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Facts About Ozone

Ozone, or O3, is a colorless, unstable gas that has powerful oxidation properties. It contains three atoms of oxygen, and is present not only in the earth’s upper atmosphere, but at ground level as well. Think of the sweet, pungent smell that permeates the air just before a summer thunderstorm – what you are smelling is the distinct aroma of ozone.

The ozone layer exists 10-30 miles above the surface of the earth. Ozone is created when the sun’s rays split oxygen molecules into single atoms. O3 is, then, formed when these atoms combine with oxygen.  Think of this stratospheric ozone layer as Earth’s natural sunscreen.

Ozone has been used in Europe for over five decades by thousands of doctors. Unfortunately,  it is viewed strictly as an complementary therapy in the United States. It is mainly used by alternative health practitioners, and patients seeking to improve their health from home. Most traditional medical doctors do not utilize this therapy in their practices, and most likely, have only vaguely heard of it.

How can an atmospheric gas be used as an alternative health treatment? Well, let’s dive into why this inexpensive, safe, effective, and, extensively researched gas can provide so many health benefits, while also being preventative in nature.

Promolife bannerHow Ozone Therapy Works

Ozone is not a cure for disease, but has the ability to rid the body of infectious agents that are causative of disease states. O3 destroys viruses, which is of particular importance, as antibiotics are ineffective against infections that are viral in nature. Latent viral infections are implicated in many health challenges. Eradicating them is essential in order to alleviate chronic conditions.

Ozone boosts the immune system, and stimulates white blood cell production. White blood cells require increased oxygenation when faced with pathogenic invaders, such as, viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, mold, and even cancer cells. Ozone is an activated form of oxygen that boosts the immune system, enabling it to combat invaders more effectively and aggressively.

Additionally, bacteria, viruses, and parasites sequester themselves within colonies of biofilms making it difficult for the immune system to recognize them. Ozone is the ultimate biofilm buster allowing the immune system to effectively target and eliminate these pathogenic agents that are at the root of many infectious and chronic health conditions.

Oxygenated  Tissues Are Healthier

Ozone increases oxygenation by stimulating the enzyme DPG. Oxygen is then released from red blood cells. O3 also improves the flexibility of these cells further increasing oxygen levels for days after treatment. Oxygenated tissues are better able to resist disease.

O3 exerts its effect through oxidation, or the moving of electrons. It  increases the efficiency of the antioxidant enzymes (SOD) super oxidase dismutase, catalase, and glutathione, the body’s master antioxidant. The ozone molecule is unstable because it lacks an electron.

When it steals an electron from a disease-causing organism, that organism dies. This is how ozone destroys infectious agents, and combats free-radical damage. Healthy cells produce antioxidants so are protected from this effect – making ozone an amazing therapy for cancer.

Ozone is a mitochondrial stimulant, and increases cellular energy, thereby, maintaining  homeostasis in the body while promoting healing.

The Health Benefits Of Ozone Therapy

  1. Stimulates white blood cell production
  2. Raises blood oxygen levels
  3. Stimulates production of TNF or tumor necrosis factor
  4. Kills viruses, bacteria, molds, and fungi
  5. Inhibits the division of cancer cells due to its anti-neoplastic properties
  6. Oxidizes arterial plaque
  7. Increases the flexibility and elasticity of red blood cells
  8. Accelerates the Kreb’s Cycle
  9. Degrades petrochemicals
  10. Improves the efficiency of the anti-oxidant system
  11. Increases production of collagen and cartilage
  12. Decreases free-radical damage
  13. Purifies the air
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Matula Tea BannerOzone Treatment Methods And Conditions

Because of the effectiveness and safety of ozone it can be useful for everyone. Ozone is delivered into the body via various delivery methods and techniques. You can buy your own generator and oxygen tank and administer these treatments at home. You can also find a doctor to do it for you.

  • Ozonated water – heartburn, GERD, gastritis, infections, ulcers, GI conditions, wounds, nasal rinses, enemas
  • Saunas – toxin release, muscle relaxation, infections, cancer, arthritis, and pain management
  • Bagging and cupping – diabetic ulcers, wounds, infections, rashes, bites, and abscesses
  • Ozonated oil – used topically for burns, bites, wounds, infections, dermatitis and as a suppository for GI infections

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Insufflation delivery methods:

  • Ear insufflation (EI) –  ear infections, colds, flus, memory disorders, tinnitus, and brain cancer
  • Nasal insufflation – bacterial and fungal infections
  • Rectal insufflation (RI) – hemorrhoids, fissures, infections, prostate conditions, and digestive issues
  • Vaginal insufflation (VI) – yeast infections, HPV, bacterial vaginitis, UTIS, and herpes
  • Bladder insufflation (BI) – interstitial cystitis, chronic bladder infections, UTIs, and chronic prostatitis

IV methods:

  • Direct IV – infections of all kinds, Lyme disease, herpes, candida, Epstein-barr, hepatitis, dementia, and cancer
  • Major autohemotherapy (MAH) – cancer, autoimmune diseases herpes, Lyme disease, CFS, and hepatitis
  • Ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy (UVB) – anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, infections, circulation
  • Intradermal injections – wrinkles and skin imperfections. Stimulates collagen production.
  • Prolozone – joint pain and inflammation, herniated discs, sports injuries, meniscal tears, and cancer

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compassionate cancer coaching bannerKey Points

Ozone may just be your ticket if you’re looking for a safe and effective natural-healing protocol to enhance your health. However, it isn’t a quick-fix solution, and you’ll need more than a few treatments.

If applied overtime, ozone will build immunity, your main defense against chronic illness and disease. Ozone therapy is a standard treatment in many countries, and is slowly gaining ground in the United States.

Have you heard of or used ozone? Let me know in the comments:)





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Disclaimer: This article is strictly for informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice.

9 thoughts on “The Health Benefits Of Ozone Therapy [For Chronic Disease]”

  1. Hi Holly,

    I’m just learning about the health benefits of Ozone and happened on your site, very informative and thanks for putting it out there. I recently bought an Ozone generator and plan on using it for local treatment in my home. I have two children (5 and 10) and was curious if there are any safety concerns with using my generator in the home with children. Thanks again for a wonderful website.


    • Hi Daryl,

      Thank you for your comment. The main concern to be aware of is breathing in ozone as it can hurt the lungs. I’ve been using my generator for years and haven’t found that to be an issue. Use precautionary measures and make sure the area in which you’re using your generator is well ventilated.

      Good for you for buying a generator. It tells me you’re proactive when it comes to your family’s health. Ozone is such a great way to augment your health!

  2. I have to say I’m skeptical about ozone therapy. Maybe because I’ve never heard of it and because I have never learned of the connection between ozone and the human body. So ozone therapy is not what professional athletes do when they go and train in high mountains..that’s oxygenation therapy?

    Are there any long term research studies done on ozone treatment or is it a new thing?

    Interesting read though and great information.


    • Hi Katya,

      If you haven’t heard of ozone therapy and you’re not familiar with how it works, I don’t blame you for being skeptical. Pro athletes use oxygen, not ozone when training in high altitudes as ozone can hard the lungs. 

      Ozone used as a therapy is fairly new here in the United States, but has been used in other countries for years. Here’s a link to a clinical review of ozone by the US National Library of Medicine. One quote that struck me was: “Ozone therapy has been utilized and extensively studied for many decades altogether. Its effects are proven, consistent and with minimal side effects.”

      Thanks so much for reading my article on ozone and for taking the time to comment!

  3. Hi,
    I just poured 200 ml of Macadamia oil into my beaker so as to breath
    the ozonoids, but the oil bubbled up so much, that oil was coming through to my nose?

  4. Hello again,
    I only had it on 1/4 lm.
    I am wondering whether the oil is too light?
    I will try again with Olive oil and see what happens?

  5. Very scary times we live in. The thriving natural health world seems to be shrinking. The internet seems to really be crowding out ideas that don’t conform to their agenda.

    • Hi Michael,

      Yes, we do live in very unsettling times, and you’re absolutely right about the natural health world shrinking. I totally agree with you. The free world is not entirely free after all – unfortunately. Thank you for visiting my website:)


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