Lean Optimizer: The Weight Loss Supplement That Optimizes Hormones

Today I’m writing this review on a popular weight loss supplement, Dr. Sam Robbin’s Lean Optimizer. This product has been a number-one bestseller since 1999. If you’re looking to lose a few pounds, this supplement may be for you.  Is Lean Optimizer just one of many weight-loss fads on the market today, or is it really possible to lose fat with this program? Let’s get into it.

Lean Optimizer Weight Loss Supplement - Lean Optimizer

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What Is The Lean Optimizer Program?

Did you know that losing weight tops the list of New Year’s resolutions hands down? You know the battle of the bulge is real if you’re on the opposing side. One of the reasons I like Lean Optimizer is the focus on optimizing fat-burning hormones, rather than harping on eating less and exercising more, which is an outdated model.

Of course, there are no substitutes for a nutritious diet and targeted exercise routine, this program however purports to burn fat, suppress appetite, and boost metabolism when used in conjunction with these healthy habits.

Hormonal imbalance is an underlying factor that contributes to the inability to lose weight. Hormones decline with age, and can become imbalanced by poor diets, sedentary lifestyles, environmental toxins, and stress, including physical, emotional, mental, and structural stress.

A Natural Supplement

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Lean Optimizer is a natural supplement with a proven track record in terms of its effectiveness and safety.

This organic formula contains nutrients that enhance and optimize fat-burning hormones that promote weight loss.

These hormones include: cortisol, leptin, ghrelin, adiponectin, insulin, estrogen, and thyroid.

Ideally, you want all these hormones working together in tandem, like a harmonious symphony.

Aging And Weight Gain

As we get older, we need a little boost to augment our diet and exercise programs. We can do this by adding in critical nutrients that prevent homeostasis, tricking our bodies from quickly adapting to our new routine.

This enables weight loss to continue unimpeded. Kind of like when you were in your twenties, and were able to lose weight by simply exercising more or cutting out sugar. With the right strategies, weight loss was effortless because your hormones were behaving as they should.

The goal of the Lean Optimizer program is long-term fat loss. People worldwide have lost countless pounds by dieting, but when it comes to keeping those pounds off, they failed.

Much of the weight they lost was water weight and muscle mass, which is crucial for an optimally functioning metabolism. Unfortunately, this scenario is the result of adaptations within the body that negatively impact hormones, leading to the infamous dieting yo-yo effect.

The graphic below illustrates this effect:

Weight Loss Supplement - Gain Fat / Lose Weight Graphic

It’s Your Hormones

Everyone over the age of 40, and maybe even 30, can attest to this decline in hormones, with the resulting weight gain, and visible signs of aging. Hormones are significant when it comes to aging and fat loss because they control metabolism, and affect so many processes in the body.

If you’re dealing with a slow metabolism, due to hormonal dysregulation, trying to lose weight will feel like an uphill ordeal. The premise behind Lean Optimizer is that it stimulates fat-burning genes, while optimizing hormones that control fat-burning. The end result is safe, long-term weight loss, minus the misery.

In the chart below, you can see the functions of the fat-burning hormones in the body. Some hormones you’ll want to increase, like thyroid, leptin, and adiponectin, while decreasing others, such as cortisol, ghrelin, and insulin. It’s all about balance.

In order to lose weight, your blood sugar and insulin need to be balanced. Leptin and ghrelin also need to be in healthy ranges to offset hunger and cravings, which result in self-sabotaging behaviors.

High cortisol is responsible for a lot of nasty effects in the body, including high blood sugar and fat storage so keeping this hormone in an optimal range is essential if you want to lose weight.  Healthy thyroid levels are also vital for an optimal metabolic rate, and fat metabolism.

Weight Loss Supplement - Fat-Burning Hormones Chart

 Lean Optimizer Weight Loss Supplement Ingredients

Lean Optimizer is the only natural remedy that promotes optimal hormonal levels so fat burning is possible. It was formulated by Dr. Sam Robbins, and one little pill works like five supplements in one to regulate the seven hormones responsible for burning fat.

Ingredients include fat-burning hormone optimizers that balance levels of cortisol, estrogen, and adiponectin. Hormones are powerful chemical messengers whose effects can’t be underestimated. To illustrate their importance, think of all the menopausal women who put on weight before and after menopause.

This is due to a hormonal effect, namely a decline in estrogen, which causes insulin levels to climb. Insulin is an anabolic hormones that causes weight gain, prevents fat loss, and causing cravings, derailing the best of intentions.

Also, look no further to your diabetic relatives to see the disastrous effects of too much insulin, which leads to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and eventually type 2 diabetes. When insulin levels are optimized, appetite is often brought into balance as well.

You can guess how much easier it would be to lose weight if you didn’t have nagging cravings or a raging appetite, the result of imbalanced hormones.

Weight Loss Supplement - Lean Optimizer Benefits

Insulin Sensitivity and Blood Sugar Control

Lean Optimizer also contains insulin sensitizers that improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar levels. Food can then be used as energy, and to build muscle, rather than being sequestered into fat cells.

Did you know that fat protects your cells from acid by forming a protective cushion around them? While this is a protective mechanism, it can stall weight loss. Lean Optimizer also contains pH alkalizers that lower stress hormones, such as cortisol, that lead to weight gain.

Other ingredients include metabolic optimizers that boost metabolism. Metabolism slows with age, and when this happens you’ll feel tired, and won’t be able to lose weight. The thyroid gland is the master control center that controls energy levels and metabolic rate. When it isn’t working as it should, you’ll feel the effects throughout your entire body.

Everyone should get their thyroid levels tested, and have the results read by a functional health practitioner. Normal ranges represent people with unhealthy thyroid levels. Patients who fall within these less-than-optimal ranges are considered normal.

The truth is, their levels are nowhere near normal.  Even small declines in thyroid hormone will lead to deleterious effects, one of them being an inability to lose weight.

Who Is Dr. Sam Robbins?

Dr. Robbins is an anti-aging physician who specializes in hormones. He is also a nutritionist, exercise physiologist, author, and entrepreneur. As the director of Health, Fitness & Longevity Institute, his goal is helping people worldwide achieve their health and weight-loss goals as easily as possible, and have fun doing it!

It’s a fact, if strategies are too hard to implement, people will give up. Armed with this knowledge, Dr. Robbins set out to compress the copious amounts of information out there, into bite-sized morsels of wisdom his patients could absorb and apply.

His passion is in endocrinology and anti-aging medicine, with a desire to prevent diseases associated with aging, allowing his patients to enjoy life more. Dr. Robbins became disillusioned with the current medical system that supports the model of seeing a patient for a few minutes, then promptly prescribing a drug to treat their symptoms.

His desire was to address the root cause of why an illness developed in the first place. This desire led him to leave medical school, earn his Ph.D, and become a nutrition specialist and orthomolecular health practitioner.

His underlying aim is to empower his patients to help themselves. This empowerment results in patients that look and feel younger, are more vibrant, and live longer with less illness.  Health is not only Dr. Robbins passion, but his hobby, as well.

Dr. Sam Robbins Credentials

As you can see, Dr. Robbins has an impressive academic history:

    • Ph.D in molecular and medical pharmacology
    • M.S in nutrition
    • Certified nutrition specialist
    • B.S in kinesiology
    • Registered orthomolecular health practitioner

Lean Optimizer Features

      • Doctor formulated and medically endorsed
      • Over 920 clinical studies have been conducted and published
      • Clinically researched with ingredients that have been scientifically proven to work
      • Compounds within the formula are patented
      • Formula has been used for over 17+ years
      • Made in the USA in an FDA-approved facility
      • Ingredients are organic, GMP certified, non-GMO, vegetarian, and gluten free
      • Guaranteed for a full refund up to a year, PLUS $100.00 cash back if not fully satisfied within 30 days

Weight Loss Supplement - What Is Lean Optimizer GraphicPros:

✅  Balances fat-burning hormones     

✅  Suppresses appetite                              

✅  Eliminate cravings                                

✅  Increases metabolism

✅  Promotes healthy weight loss

✅  Increases energy

✅  Improves blood sugar levels

✅  Free of caffeine, ephedrine, and diuretics

✅  Organic herbal extracts in vegetable capsules

✅  Dosages are clinically validated

✅  No fillers or additives are added

✅  No known side effects have been noted


✔️  Must be used continuously for 6-8 weeks

✔️  Sensitivity reactions could potentially occur

✔️  Don’t expect Lean Optimizer to work on its own


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Ingredients In Lean Optimizer

Here is a list of the ingredients broken down into which hormone it supports:

1.  Thyroid Minimizer

Guggulsterones: Helps support the enzyme that converts T4 into the active thyroid hormone T3.

Iodine: A mineral needed to make thyroid hormone. Iodine deficiency has been increasing in recent years.

3.5-Diiodo-L-Thyronine: Increases resting metabolic rate and fat burning.

2. Cortisol Minimizer

Sensoril Ashwagandha Extract: Offsets oxidative stress, increases energy and well-being, and supports production of thyroid hormones.

7-Keto DHEA: Reduces cortisol levels, increases metabolic rate, and increases levels of T3.

3. Appetite Minimizer

5-HTP: An amino acid that boosts production of serotonin, a vital brain chemical that prevents overeating, reduces cravings, and increases satiety.

Theobromine: Reduces hunger, suppresses appetite, and positively impacts energy levels.

Coleus forskholii: Lowers blood sugar levels, decreases appetite, lowers body fat, while increasing lean muscle mass.

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4. Metabolic / Thermogenic Optimizer

Citrus Aurantium/Advantra Z: An herbal extract that speeds metabolism, and blocks the activity of alpha-receptors in fat cells, leading to increased fat loss.

Capsimax: Boosts metabolism, reduces inflammation, has antioxidant properties, along with anti-cancer effects.

Paradoxine: Induces thermogenesis, which enhances fat burning and weight loss.

5. Leptin Optimizer

African Mango: Suppresses fat production by increasing adiponectin and reversing leptin resistance.

6. Fat Cell Minimizer

Meratrim: Contains two herbs that prevent fat cells from multiplying, while helping them burn stored fat.

Green Tea Extract: Compounds within green tea increase levels of fat-burning by stimulating fat cells to break down fat. Green tea also helps the body burn more calories even at rest.

7. Grehlin And Adiponectin Optimizer

LOWAT: A proprietary blend that decreases BMI.

8. Estrogen Optimizer

White Button Mushroom: An aromatase inhibitor, this compound reduces elevated estrogen levels, along with environmental estrogens.

9. Insulin Minimizer

Chromium Picolinate: Improves blood sugar, insulin, and A1C levels by enhancing the efficacy of insulin. When insulin levels decrease, fat can be burned for energy, resulting in weight loss.

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Other ingredients include plant-derived cellulose gelatin and rice flour. I like that Lean Optimizer doesn’t contain magnesium stearate or food colorings like so many formulas do.

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If weight-loss is your goal, and I’m assuming it is if you’re reading this article, another great resource you may find helpful is the comprehensive guide below on how to lose weight by manipulating your diet and exercise routine to create a calorie deficient. Click the link below to learn more…

How To Lose Weight Fast

Key Points

If you’ve had it with trying to lose weight, and your frustration is through the roof, give Lean Optimizer a try. You have nothing to lose, except FAT. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see results, plus $100.00 cash back.

While, it’s impossible to predict exactly how a product will work on individual bodies, this product is formulated by a brilliant doctor, backed by clinical studies, and the reviews tell the story, with hundreds of people reaching their weight-loss goals. You could be a success story too.

Check it out here

Have you tried more diets than you care to count? Let me know in the comments:)

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Please be diligent and always do your own research in regard to any material I present on this site. I claim no responsibility for any distress, whether it be physical or emotional, that may occur as a result of the information you obtain from my channel.”



Lean Optimizer










Overall Quality



  • Doctor-formulated
  • Clinically studied
  • Balances fat-burning hormones
  • Promotes healthy weight loss
  • Increases metabolism


  • Must be used continuously for 6-8 weeks
  • Will not work on its own without lifestyle changes

12 thoughts on “Lean Optimizer: The Weight Loss Supplement That Optimizes Hormones”

  1. Nice review there on Dr. Sam Robbins lean optimizer weight loss supplement. I must be straight with you, this is my first time of hearing about this weight loss supplement and what it has to offer. I have used many other weight loss supplements in the past before I give up on them.

    But looking at what Dr. Sam Robbins product has to offer, I would like to try it out. It would be amazing if a weight loss supplement really worked.  I would like to try it out for sure. 

    • Thank you. Many weight loss supplements are scams, promising overnight success, with no clinical studies to back them up, and sporting an exorbitant price tag as well. Lean Optimizer is different. 

      It was formulated by an endocrinologist who is an anti-aging specialist with certifications in nutrition and exercise physiology so he certainly knows how the body works. It’s worth checking out if you need to lose weight.

  2. Thanks for an interesting post. Losing weight has a lot of health benefits besides looking and feeling better. 
    I was particularly interested in how dieting affects (or can affect) diabetes. I have never heard about Dr. Sam Robbins Lean Optimizer program until now, but I can see how it would be very beneficial. 

    Thanks for this eye opening review. 

    • Thank you for reading. Losing weight is not only important for health, but for looking and feeling one’s best. Losing weight does have a positive effect on diabetes, either preventing it, or lessening its destructive effects. 

  3. Most people in the world today are concerned with their weight, both men and women. This is because of the adverse effects of being overweight, which may cause life threatening conditions, such as high blood pressure and heart disease. Lean Optimizer sounds like a great supplement to reset the body’s fat burning hormones. 

    Thanks a lot for your honest review!

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment. You’re right, a large percentage of the population wants to lose weight, and with good reason. Being overweight is not only a confidence drainer, but also does not promote vibrant health!

  4. Thanks for this informative and educative review. This is the first time I’m actually hearing about this weight loss supplement. I have tried so many but they are not effective but with this a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, I will definitely give it a try and hope for a better experience.

    • You’re welcome. The ingredients in Lean Optimizer work with the body to regulate fat-burning hormones, which is what makes it so effective. 

  5. Losing weight is really important for health. We all want to be healthy and to have our loved ones be healthy as well. I think your Lean Optimizer Program is the one many people will be looking for. Thanks for the article. I will definitely be checking out this product. I know two friend that want to lose weight so I will tell them about it also. 

  6. Hello.i am taking oxcarberzipe anti seizures tablets.These medicines have made me gained so much weight.Im on diet and trying to lose weight but still i am not losing anyweight.Will I be safe to take lean optimizer? I have just turned 40yrs

    • Yes, it should be safe for you. I think a better bet, however, would be to consider intermittent fasting. It’s a great way to lose weight, balance hormones, and optimize immune function. And it may help the condition you’re taking anti-seizure meds for. You don’t have to count calories, but rather you shorten the window in which you eat. I have a couple of articles on my site. You can search for “intermittent fasting” in the search bar. Weight gain can be so frustrating. I’m sorry. Please look into intermittent fasting. It’s done wonders for me.


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