Rebounding For Lymphatic Drainage [Bounce Your Way To Wellness]

Jumping on a trampoline is a blast, but did you know that bouncing on a rebounder can be therapeutic? Rebounding is a healing modality that can help the lymphatic system function optimally, and in turn, the immune system. A robust immune system is the body’s primary defense against disease and dysfunction. Here are some interesting facts about rebounding for lymphatic drainage.

Rebounding For Lymphatic Drainage - Foot On Rebounder

Rebounding opens up the lymphatics so the body can eliminate toxins. Detoxification is an essential component of health because toxins play a key role in the development of disease.

What Is The Role Of The Lymphatic System?

The thymus, spleen, bone marrow, lymph nodes, tonsils, adenoids, and lymphatic fluid are all part of the lymphatic system. Lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow and matured in the thymus gland. These white blood cells are an integral part of the immune system.

B and T cells, within the lymphatic fluid of the lymph vessels are the body’s defense soldiers. They attack infectious micro-organisms and other invaders. Keeping this fluid flowing optimally aids in detoxification and the elimination of metabolic waste and toxins.

Lymph nodes filter lymph fluid, trapping pathogens that will later be targeted by B and T cells. This is why nodes become swollen when an infection is present. When the lymph system is operating efficiently, toxins are excreted via the urine, bile, sweat, and mucus.

It’s hypothesized that the cancer epidemic is driven, at least in part by toxic exposures from the environment, along with the food and water supply. Toxins deplete the immune system, weakening its response. On the other hand, detoxification liberates the immune system to do its job of eradicating infectious organisms, rather than having to deal with toxic debris.

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The Role Of The Circulatory System

Blood vessels within the circulatory system are tasked with delivering life-giving oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and tissues of the body. The heart is the pump that allows blood to be distributed throughout the body.  The lymph system, however, doesn’t have a pump, which is a little baffling, since there is three times more lymphatic fluid than blood.

This is why movement and muscle contraction are indispensable for keeping the lymph system operating at full speed. Deep breathing will also promote lymph drainage because there are lymph nodes below the sternum that are stimulated with each breath. Breathing is also great for relieving stress.

This may be surprising, but stress congests the lymphatics, including both physical and emotional stress. Finding ways to manage your stress is critical for a healthy lymph and immune system. When lymph flows freely, it can efficiently dispose of toxins that burden the immune system. Tight muscles inhibit lymph. That’s why stretching stimulates lymph drainage, while increasing flexibility.

What Is Rebounding?

Rebounding is simply jumping on a mini-trampoline, also referred to as a rebounder. It’s fun, doesn’t take a lot of time, and increases the gravitational force resistance within each cell. This G-force positively impacts all cells, while strengthening the muscles, bones, organs, and connective tissue.

Gravity is a fundamental force in the universe that affects posture, circulation, and spinal compression. Astronauts in space are subject to the negative consequences of zero gravity. This lack of stress on the cells leads to weakening of the bones and tissues.

Rebounding is very beneficial for boosting lymphatic circulation. Cancer patients are often weak and fatigued, which makes it the perfect exercise as it won’t weaken the adrenal glands, and is very low impact. People that have lost their vital force can bounce gently for a few minutes a day, even if it is bouncing while sitting on the rebounder.

Rebounding For Lymphatic Drainage - Promolife BannerBenefits Of Rebounding

Lymphatic congestion can lead to a wide range of symptoms, including edema, weight-loss resistance, bloating, fatigue, morning stiffness, cold extremities, and chronic sinusitis. Decongesting your lymph system can reduce these uncomfortable symptoms. Below are some benefits of rebounding:

  • Promotes the health of all internal organs
  • Opens valves in the lymphatics to promote drainage
  • Is beneficial for the GI system
  • Boosts immunity
  • Increases G-force
  • Stimulates detoxification and digestion
  • Promotes healthy circulation
  • Stimulates metabolism and strengthens the thyroid
  • Reduces pain and improves sleep
  • Leads to improved mental focus
  • Improves coordination
  • Combats fatigue
  • Minimizes infections
  • Slows the aging process
  • Moves cerebral-spinal fluid

Rebounding For Lymphatic Drainage Workout

There are a few ways to rebound, depending on the state of your health. Start slow so you can gauge how much movement is beneficial for you at any given time.

1. This first method involves gently bouncing on the rebounder without your feet leaving the surface. This is for people who are weak, without a lot of physical reserve. Do this for five minutes initially, gradually increasing the time, as your stamina permits.

2. When you’re comfortable with the first step, and feel confident in taking it up a notch, start swinging your arms or moving them from side to side.

3. When you’re ready, begin to bounce while lifting your feet off the rebounder. This will increase your heart rate. Bounce as high as you comfortably can.

4. Now repeat step three, only incorporate arm movements. You may want to start by doing this for only a couple of minutes. You can always go back to step one or two if you get too winded.

5. If you want to really start to sweat, jump as high as you can on the rebounder. Bring your knees up to your chest or do jumping jacks for an exceptional workout.

Ideally, you’ll want to bounce for 15 minutes a day. If you’re quite weak, you can bounce on the rebounder while sitting. Use your arms if you have the energy.

My Favorite Rebounders

Many rebounders on the market today use bungee cords, rather than springs. Some even come with handrails to maintain balance. These rebounders aren’t cheap, but are worth the cost, considering the benefits you’ll accrue. You can buy one with legs that fold for convenient storage, or purchase one with screwed-in legs to save money. Check out the rebounders below:

 JumpSport 350 PRO Rebounder here includes four workout videos on one DVD

LEAPS & REBOUNDS Rebounder with full-size protective mat

  ANCHEER Foldable Rebounder with handle bar

Other Ways To Promote Lymph Drainage

Besides rebounding, there are other ways to stimulate the lymph: deep breathing, managing stress, all forms of exercise, stretching, meditation, getting adequate vitamin D from the sun, avoiding chemicals in cleaning and beauty-care products, and eliminating mucus-forming foods from your diet. Minimizing gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar, will immensely improve the function of your lymphatic system.

Stay away from processed foods, which are also mucus producing, and will clog your lymph. Take a hot bath, with a couple cups of Epsom salt, every week. It will relax you and reduce stress, while stimulating toxin release. You’ll also sleep better, which is essential for healthy immunity.

Good fats are crucial for healthy lymph flow. On the other hand, toxic fats congest lymph. This is one more reason to ditch processed foods. One of my favorite ways to promote lymph drainage is dry brushing. I do it three times a week. It only takes a few minutes, will counteract poor waste removal, remove dead skin cells, and boost circulation. It might even help reduce cellulite.

Zen Me makes a great brush for lymphatic drainage and cellulite treatment.

Lastly, laughter is another awesome technique to promote lymph flow. You’ll also feel less stressed, have a better outlook on life, and people will enjoy being around you more because laughter is contagious. Laugh every single day for vibrant health!

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Key Points

The critical role the lymphatic system plays is often overlooked, yet it’s vital for detoxification, and immune regulation. Think of the lymphatics as one big drainage system that needs to stay unclogged to operate efficiently. Toxins and waste build up when the lymph is stagnant, which impedes immune function.

Rebounding is a great way to boost lymphatic flow and drainage, and is a powerful detoxification strategy that be can incorporated into your daily routine. Just a few minutes of bouncing a day can strengthen and fortify the body in positive ways.

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11 thoughts on “Rebounding For Lymphatic Drainage [Bounce Your Way To Wellness]”

  1. Really? Fight cancer? I did not know that!  I want a trampoline now! My experience with trampolines is when I visit my friends place and we watch their kids jumping up and down (rebounding). I mean I love it too but never thought of all the benefits you can get from it, while having fun as well. 

    I have a question: will it be too harsh on the knees? I have bad knees and want to make sure I do not kill my knees while fighting cancer – lol great post! 

    • Yes, rebounding is a good tool to fight cancer because of it’s effect on the immune system, and the role of toxicity in the development of the disease. It’s effective and fun!

      Rebounding is super gentle on the knees so is a great choice for not accruing any further damage. 

  2. This is something that I’ve never heard of. And, if I might be honest, I’m a little skeptical, as far as rebounding goes.

    On the other hand I also think I gained a lot of knowledge on the lymphatic system. To be honest (again) I suppose I had taken my lymphatic system for granted, but after reading your post I think that I should no longer do so, especially understanding its importance in detoxing, and immune system regulation. I’m not as young as I used to be and you’ve spurred me on to ensure that my lymphatic system doesn’t become stagnant and build up toxins and waste.

    Thanks for exposing me to something I hadn’t seen before, while educating me on something I need to know better.

    • Thanks for your comment Kevin. We don’t hear nearly enough about the importance of the lymphatic system, and you’re right, many of us take it for granted until we get diagnosed with cancer or another illness. 

      Finding methods to stimulate this system on a daily or weekly basis is fundamental for radiant health, Get those toxins moving!

  3. I have never heard of rebounding, and I actually used to have a little trampoline like this when I did preschool but I gave it away.  Now I wish I hadn’t.  Some of the ones were expensive, but there was actually one under $100 on this article that I might afford.  I didn’t realize how important this was, and I’m super excited to get it going.  So simple and yet so important to health.  Thank you for bringing this to my attention.  I really appreciate it.

    • Thanks for reading Babsie. 

      The lymph system doesn’t get the attention it deserves, in my opinion. Rebounding is such a simple way to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which is so vital for overall health.

  4. I commend you for this bulk of education regarding rebounding for cancer. It awakens something deep within. This article gives me a clearer understanding as to the importance of this system.

    It is good knowledge for me to know that lymph nodes filter lymph fluid, trapping pathogens that will later be targeted by B and T cells, which lead nodes to become swollen when an infection is actively present. 

    To be clear, I never knew that these benefits were associated with rebounding:  Promotes the health of all internal organs, opens valves in the lymphatics to promote drainage, is beneficial for the GI system, boosts immunity, increases G-force, stimulates detoxification and digestion, promotes healthy circulation, stimulates metabolism and strengthens the thyroid, while reducing pain and improving sleep. I can see how it would improve coordination and balance. 

    How many people around the world are aware of this? 

    That is a question I would love to answer, but sadly I can’t. 

    This is a very educational and informative post. Thank you so much for this review.

    • Thanks for your comment Peter. The lymphatic system is so important for eliminating toxins from the body, which can negatively affect the immune system. That’s why lymph nodes get so swollen and sore when you’re fighting an active infection.

      With cancer, it’s the health of the immune system that will determine how the disease will play out. Assuring that’s it’s functioning optimally is imperative for recovery. 

      There really are so many benefits of rebounding that I’m surprised more people don’t do it, especially those with cancer. Detoxification is so important when combating any illness or disease.

  5. Well my lymphatic system is completely shot , Had breast cancer missing 15 nodes on left side under arm, while I look healthy because I work out and eat very well I am constantly trying to flight water bloat on my belly and waist and inner thihgs. which I never had before surgery.
    I am constantly trying to do ab work, pilates, cardio and the only thing that worked was costly lymphatic massages.
    I will be trying this ! thanks so much :)

    • I’m so sorry Sylvie,

      That sounds like a frustrating situation to be in, especially since it sounds like you’re doing everything right, which makes it all the more frustrating. I know that lymphatic massage needs to be done on a regular basis, and can be pricey long term. Rebounding is one of the best ways to get the lymph flowing so maybe that’s you’re next best move. And at least you can do it at home. Start slow and progressively build up your endurance and time on the rebounder. I sincerely hope you get good results from it. Crossing my fingers!!! Best of luck to you and please keep me updated on your progress.


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