Reality or Perception?

Have you heard the phrase: “All life is rooted in perception?” How each of us view reality is determined by how we perceive things. It’s all about perception… It’s true that we don’t see the world as IT is, we see life how WE are. Is it reality or perception?

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Here’s how it works…

Neuro-typical people look at something and their eyes give them information about what they’re viewing.

They then form a judgement, an opinion, or an insight based on what they’ve seen.

Disordered people don’t operate this way…

This is because they are extremely rigid in their thinking.

Narcissists tend to be stubborn and close-minded.

In fact, they’ve already made up their mind what they’re going to see – along with the opinions and judgements around that perception – before they even see something.

This way of viewing the world is in direct opposition to how non-disordered folk view it.

Narcissism is a disorder that is rooted in rigidity and deception.

Rigidity in thinking is also one reason people in the Cluster B category have such difficulty in relationships.

Healthy relationships require compromise, discussion, conflict-resolution, open-mindedness, and a healthy dose of grace.

Sharing opinions and points of view is normal and healthy in thriving relationships.

It isn’t possible to share your perspective, much less your concerns, with someone who has already made up their mind…

It doesn’t help matters that narcissists are not givers of grace.

You can’t persuade a narcissist.

No matter how hard you plead and beg and beseech, they will not condescend or bend.

It can be infuriating…

After all, narcissists have been operating, how they’ve been operating, since childhood.

How they perceive the world is essentially set in stone.

Not exactly a prescription for fulfilling partnerships.

Do you have a toxic person in your life?

Have you noticed kinks in their perception?

I would love to hear about how this issue affects your relationship with them? Hit reply below and let me know!

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